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Antimicrobial bar soap - lavender & Teatree with Shea butter - Madaboutnature

Antimicrobial bar soap - lavender & Teatree with Shea butter

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When you decide to make soap and sell it, you need to follow regulations and safety procedures. One of these regulations is having a safety assessment for every product you make. This evening I have purchased a new safety certificate to be able to produce an antimicrobial soap which will contain Lavender & Tea tree essential oils to help with the battle of keeping hands clean during this uncertain period. Using hand made soap with some of these skin nourishing oils will also help to keep your hands soft and not dry them out as much as commercial hand washes and alcohol based products will. This is a pre-buy option - so as soon as the soap is ready it will be shipped out. I will also discount this soap and have an offer on - so the more you buy the cheaper it becomes. Soap will come supplies with ingredients label and complied with EU regulations. This soap contains Coconut oil, olive oil, Shea butter, Lavender & Tea tree essential oils.

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