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The Problem With Palm Oil


Palm Oil is found in many products on our supermarket shelves...from cakes, biscuits, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, etc. ​ To obtain this 'in demand' oil, huge areas of rainforest are cut down and burned. The single, greatest threat to the survival of wild Orangutans is the clearing of entire forests to make way for Palm plantations.

Orangutan habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate resulting in 5,000 Orangutans dying each year...within 10 years wild Orangutans will be extinct!

This is our reason for not using any Palm oil in any of our products.

To see the wonderful work that is being done to help wild Orangutans doing please click​ ​​

Be aware of what you are buying...check labels and ask producers if they use Palm oil!

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