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1kg Handmade Soap 'Odds & Suds'- Handmade Soap Offcuts with optional soap bag-Palm Oil Free-Plastic Free-UK Soap-Cold Process Soap - Madaboutnature

1kg Handmade Soap 'Odds & Suds'- Handmade Soap Offcuts with optional soap bag-Palm Oil Free-Plastic Free-UK Soap-Cold Process Soap

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I end up with lots of trimmed ends, misshapen and not quite perfect soaps.....but they are all lovely and gorgeous to use! If being used as an Christmas Gift add a note on checkout & I will use Festive ribbon box decoration for no extra charge.

Here you can purchase a box of off cuts - half a kilo/500g of mixed soaps of all varieties for £7.50 or a whopping kilo/1000g for only £10!! Please note that the soaps you will receive will vary from the photo shown. Included will be lots of different size soaps, lots will be thin slices as they are trimmings from my regular soaps but these are great bundled up and used in the soap bag included. This is a great way to save money and use natural soaps. Soap bag may be different from the one pictured but still has the same purpose.
If you are wanting to try specific samples of soaps, we recommend purchasing the soap sample bundle as these are specifically cut and 12 different varieties are included.
Included is a brilliant soap bag to pop your pieces of soap in and use as a sponge. We certainly have a business ethos of nothing goes to waste and we reuse all what we can!
In response to some recent feedback that this box of odds & suds has not been to what people have expected - please imagine that this box of soaps is the equivalent of buying a ‘box of broken biscuits’ that it is exactly what the listing describes...a ‘box of broken soaps’ but still lovely to use and a cheaper alternative to buying whole regular bars. Thank you 😊

Ingredients - coconut oil (Sodium Cocoate), olive oil (Sodium Olivate) Rapeseed oil (Sodium Brassic Campestris Oleifera), water (Aqua), different botanicals & clays to give colour (annatto seed, alkanet root, dried cinnamon, dried green tea, pink clay, charcoal, poppy seeds) & essential oil blends. See individual soap listings for full ingredients.
Allergens occurring naturally from essential oils will include - citral, geraniol, citronellol, limonene, linalool, eugenol.

Soap will be supplied with a label listing all the relevant information needed for the consumer. As a business we comply with the latest EU cosmetic regulations.

*Please note. The selection of soaps may vary from the picture.

We are a family business committed to handmaking bathing products that are free from the chemical-overload we are exposed to everyday. We are passionate about our handmade soaps & bathing products, and the beneficial reasons for using them.

As a small developing business one of our main aims includes finding sources that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We recycle as much as we can at home and for the business and use minimal packaging which can be recycled.

There is nothing quite like bathing with a quality soap that has been carefully and creatively handmade, with the skin and environment in mind.

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