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Eco Friendly - Natural Accessories

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Bamboo Toothbrushes They are medium soft and comfortable in your hand as well as in your mouth. They clean teeth just as well as a standard plastic toothbrush, but are far better for the environment. They are a great way to cut down on your daily plastic consumption. Also, Bamboo has a very nice natural energy about it. Each Truth brush is hand wrapped individually in a recyclable cardboard. Toothbrushes contains soft medium bristles, they are cruelty free and vegan. Why Bamboo? Bamboo is the world’s fastest naturally renewing resource which is also inherently anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Every bamboo toothbrush used is one less plastic toothbrush thrown away. Switch now from plastic and save the world! Toothbrushes are made from bamboo and the bristles are nylon Sisal Soap bags You just pop your soap slice inside - tighten with toddle - and you have the perfect exfoliating and cleansing bathroom accessory. Who doesn't want soft and luxurious skin? Hemu Soap Rack These Hemu Wood Soap Dishes will keep your natural handmade soaps drained well between uses, making the soap stay dry and last longer. No one likes it when their soft bars go soft and break and our lovely soap dish allows air to flow around the soap to help it dry out between uses. It both looks nice and is very convenient! What more could you want from a soap dish? It is made from hemu wood which is a sustainable wood obtained from Guger Tree in China. Jute Soap Bag Made from very fine quality of soft jute, this Soap Bag should be an essential in every bathroom corner. This 2 in one tool allows you to wash whilst exfoliating in a easy and convenient way. You just get a slice of soap and slip inside the bag, and you are ready for exfoliating your skin! The benefits of exfoliation are becoming widely well known and is become a step in everyone’s beauty regime and with the beautiful design and quality of this bag you will certainly enjoy this. Raime Natural Scrunchie Ramie is one of the oldest fibre crops, having been used for at least six thousand years, we have brought you this extra-luxury scrunch made from this material. Ramie is particularly great for exfoliating the skin,exfoliation is very important and should be in everyone’s daily regime, especially in winter when our skin is at the driest as it removes our dead skin cells leaving our skin look and feeling fresh and soft.

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